Which solar panels will add value to your life?

Being environmentally friendly is something that often inspires a yawn and block out. However, saving money does not. By asking which solar panels are good for you, you are well on your way to saving a lot of money already. Solar panels are here so that the environment can be saved and so that you can start generating electricity more efficiently. They are a big help when it comes to making sure that your energy does not come entirely from the grid and they can also be very helpful when there are power outages. In the winter months, you want to have solar panels, so that you can at least can have that lovely hot bath or shower.

Solar panels are comprised of lots of photovoltaic units that are all aligned in order to produce power. How they work is quite simple. Unlike the solar panels of old, they are geared toward channeling UV rays, which as we know are ever present. They take this UV energy and convert it into electricity, by either storing it in a battery form, or by putting it straight onto the grid, or into a water heater. There is nothing that is more efficient or cheaper. Yes, the startup cost of a panel might be expensive, but in the long run, you will be making massive savings.

So which is more helpful?

There are two kinds of solar panels. Polycrystalline and monocrystalline. Both of these are photovoltaic (meaning that they channel UV rays), but there are differences in the effectiveness that they display. Solar crystalline modules are made from silicone and they carry within them the UV ray receptors. If your solar panel is polycrystalline, it means that there are a lot of these cells that are scattered throughout the panel. They are also a lot smaller in size and appear frequently. A monocrystalline panel is one that has got one concentrated, large silicone module unit in it. This is often referred to as the better of the two. As the UV rays have got somewhere to concentrate themselves. They are also more effective at spreading the solar power that they have obtained. Though these types of panels are generally a bit more expensive, it is more worthwhile to have them in the long run.

Here at Brightlux, we pride ourselves on having some of the best technology around, when it comes to solar panels and functionality. We produce an outstanding range of solar lights which can be used both indoors and outdoors, so that you are not so reliant on the traditional methods of lighting. They also burn just as brightly, so you will not know the difference. We support your crusade for a brighter, cleaner tomorrow, and we will be available to you at any time.

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