LED lighting and energy efficiency

Are you tired of having electricity bills that are through the roof? Then you need to make a change. Learning how LED lighting and energy efficiency go hand in hand with one another will save you money. It is as simple as changing your incandescent lighting throughout your home to LED lighting, even if it takes one bulb at a time.

LED lighting is no longer a system that is just used by people living a green lifestyle. At first some people believed that it was only the “hippies” that should use LED lighting. It was soon revealed that this lighting solution was not only green but was also saving the users money. It is necessary to understand how this lighting can change your monthly bills as well as the effects that you are making on the environment. Even if you are not a “hippie” you still need to do your part towards conserving the environment. Choosing to live a lifestyle that is more energy efficient will assist your pocket as well as the world we live in.

How is LED lighting energy efficient? The way in which these lights have been designed helps to make them energy efficient. Lighting is a necessity, but it is not necessary to have lighting that can light up a football pitch in your home. LED lighting is slightly less bright than that or incandescent lighting. It is by no means dim and can still provide your home with more than enough lighting. However, due to its design it will burn its brightest as soon as it has been switched on. Incandescent lighting requires a warm up time before it can become bright. This uses an immense amount of electricity. Imagine that each bulb in your home will take about 5 minutes to reach its brightest, this is a pure waste of energy. LED lighting will switch on and stay at its brightest from the word go. It also therefore does not generate a lot of heat which in turn assists with the energy saving.

There are many ways in which you can implement energy efficiency within your home, your lights should only be the beginning. Once you have made the switch you will want to discover the other wonders behind energy efficiency and money saving techniques. If you do not know about the wonders of solar power than you are very far behind in the times. Solar panels are being installed everywhere and are compulsory for new government built homes. These panels are more commonly used to heat up the geyser within the home. However, it is possible to get solar lights that use a similar system to work. Partnering your LED lighting with solar lights is a fantastic way to produce a green home.


It is time to make a lighting change


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