LED Products

Here at Brightlux, we are passionate about the sustainability of the environment and the continuing efforts to reduce the carbon footprint that humankind leave behind. We offer the highest grade LED products made from the best materials to provide you with affordable products so that you get the highest return that your money can buy. Excellence, leading technology and quality are the leading values that drive our mission to bring the best LED lighting to you and to Africa.

All of our products are sourced personally from materials to labour. Only the best are offered as the final product. We offer the widest selection of LED lighting products to suit all of your needs. Rest assured that all of our products are the newest generation of LED lighting. We do not and will never supply old generation LED lighting that you will find heavily advertised elsewhere in the market. That is our promise to you. You will also be pleasantly surprised to find that Brightlux products are competitively priced even though we provide the newest technologies as we are here to provide affordable solutions to all of Africa.

There are many misconceptions regarding the benefits of LED lighting. This has been driven mainly from the lack of information and education of this leading technology that has changed the world abroad. Brightlux also strives to provide you with the tools to make the educated decisions that you require for you, your family, your business and your life. You can follow the link here to our Lighting School page where we break down the LED jargon and speech.

The cost of living is increasing on a daily basis. This is being driven by the cost of electricity. Electricity is a scarce resource on the African continent and in the past 3 years, South Africa has seen a 25% increase annually. This is a 95% increase. Further 16% annual increases for the next 5 years are being tabled for approval which would double the current cost. This would mean a 300% increase in 8 years! There is no better time than the present to invest in the savings offered by Brightlux LED lighting.

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